Acutus Solutions



Supply Chain Review 

Undertaking a review of your business’s supply chain can identify opportunities to significantly transform a supply chain.  We have worked with clients to undertake a targeted review due to  a particular supply chain challenge, recommend improvements and support clients to deliver change.  Alternatively a full review can be undertaken and subject to outcomes, a programme of change would then follow.  Typical improvements include: Chang of supplier/solution, Cost Reduction, Introduction of Service Levels/Agreements and Reporting to support service monitoring.


Purchasing/Sourcing Service

We have the ability to provide a full Purchasing/Sourcing service.   Working with your business to define your service requirements, factor in your improvement aspirations and competitively tender these to affect improved commercial outcome for the client.  Subject to scale of project this can deliver £millions P&L savings for the organisation and be a major factor to improving your cost:income ratio in addition to a number of other key business metrics, not least profitability.


Supply Chain Risk 

Many clients operate in regulated industries and have an obligation to protect their customer’s interests.  Aside from the regulatory obligations, its costly for any organisation when risk impacts their business operation, not only in putting this right, but also the regulatory fine and reputational risk that may result.  On this basis, the cost of ‘getting it wrong’ can far exceed the cost to adequately managing and controlling third party risk.   Experienced in this area, Acutus Solutions, can work with clients to articulate their processes, existing controls and assess adequacy based on historic experience and areas of opportunity to improve.   Introducing controls, proactively managing and monitoring through the introduction of KPI’s.  Collectively these measures allow clients to monitor and make early interventions based on performance.  Being able to produce these tangible artefacts to any industry regulator is becoming increasingly important.  Acutus Solutions can work with clients to support the development and and implementation of new processes and controls.


Development of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) 

There are services which may successfully operate without a service level agreement form of contract, however, for those services that are regulated or would benefit from contractual performance measures and reporting. SLA’s are the recommended format.  Management Information and Reporting requirements agreed within contracts commits the client’s suppliers to report on agreed performance metrics to allow the Contract Manager to monitor these and take action with the supplier to resolve any performance or quality issues. Monitoring performance allows the organisation to work with suppliers to identify continuous improvement opportunities (cost savings, performance, customer service, risk reduction).


Contract Negotiation

Experienced in leading commercial negotiations, we can represent the client’s commercial interests during the development and negotiation phase of a contract to maximise cost reduction, service levels and any other requirements a client may have.  Where a new contract means there will be a change in supplier/supply solution or with a view to retaining the existing supplier on improved terms we would work with you, the supplier(s) and can support the transition of services through Change / Implementation stage.


Transformational Change & Project Management

Whether a client is looking for a low complexity change or a more material, complex business process outsource with ambitious transformational change benefits associated, Acutus Solutions will apply Prince2 methodology and adapt this to suit the scale, complexity and client needs.


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Its important to distinguish between those suppliers who are strategically important to an organisation, and its collective businesses, versus those who provide routine services which are controlled through other means.  Acutus Solutions work with client’s to develop an SRM programme that considers their business objectives to allow the supplier to realign its proposition to what matters to the client and jointly maximise the value available from the relationship.


Contract Management

Experienced in developing Contract Management Policy and working with Contract Managers and business stakeholders to successfully develop and implement a policy, process and controls that considers risk, value and ensures this is will add value to the business; training and developing teams of Contract Managers to enable them to effectively perform a Contract Manager role and work with stakeholders where there’s a dependency on them and/or their business in supporting the management of third party contracts.


Interim Management

Where a client may require an experienced manager, on an interim basis, to cover a gap in their management team or provide leadership to support their business, Acutus Solutions can provide this service.  Experienced in leading and developing supply chain teams and working with Executive stakeholders, to support them in delivering their business objectives.